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About Victory Firearms

The name "Victory Firearms" was inspired by our owner's previous service in the U.S. Army where he was assigned to the 24th Infantry Division (M) which was known as the "Victory Division".  In 1996 the 24th ID was transitioned to a reserve unit out of Ft. Riley, KS and the 3rd Infantry Division (M), "The Marne Division", moved to Ft. Stewart, GA from Germany.  

When Victory Firearms was first established our focus was on providing a very personal firearms purchasing experience.  Unfortunately, there are a number of challenges which make this an ineffective business model:

  • Incredibly low (5-15%) margins on firearms forces businesses to depend on quantity (volume business) vs quality.  While it is great that there is a percentage of customers who really care about individual attention and customer service, there are ten times as many who just want a cheaper price upfront. 
  • Internet sales of firearms are not taxed, which equates to a 6% discount (incentive) for potential customers to buy online and out of state vs buying local.
  • Smaller businesses cannot legally be started from home in Virginia beach, forcing small start ups without a bank loan or a million dollars, to take on a number of monthly expenses that home based startup businesses would not be subjected to.
  • Many licensed dealers throughout the country work from home and will gladly sell firearms at $10-$15 over cost and tax free, which makes local businesses unable to compete.
  • Many manufactures do not enforce MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) rules, and they allow distributors to undercut retailers and sell direct to customers at a cost cheaper than a dealer can buy them.
  • At any given point in time there are probably a couple of thousand dealers getting out of the firearms business in the U.S., and they are willing to dump their firearms off through online auction sites at a 10-30% loss.  
All of these factors are killers of the traditional retail firearms industry, so if the business does not have an excellent gunsmith or a shooting range, they are basically dead.

Having faced the reality of the above list, and not being willing to compromise on the quality of our customer service, we have decided that once our inventory of commodity firearms (Rugers, Glocks, SCCY, etc) are sold, they will not be replaced.  It does not make much sense for us to buy a firearm for approximately $475 with an MSRP of $599, only to have it sit on a shelf because someone can buy it online (in violation of the MAP policy) for $499 tax free. We will continue to focus our energy in four areas:  1) Henry Rifles, 2) NFA suppressors, 3) custom AR rifles using Strike Industries parts, and 4) engraving. We will also be discontinuing our NRA certified training since the NRA has moved to the online based training model. This approach is in conflict with what we believe to be the best approach to firearms instruction and we will no longer participate. We strongly encourage all prospective students to receive hands on firearms training instead of web based training.

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